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While I was scrolling through Greg Gorman's amazing work I stopped in my tracks when I saw his photo of the wonderful Dolph Lundgren. The high contrast and interesting shapes really caught my eye and I felt compelled to draw it.

I chose a coarse textured paper helped to add interest to the lack of detail in the features. It was mostly a case of 'negative' drawing, in other words shading in the spaces around and between the features to reveal the most stunningly chiselled face.


Pencil on A4 mixed media paper.


My portrait was created using an original Greg Gorman photo as reference. I'd like to thank Greg @greggormanphoto for his generosity in allowing me to use his wonderful photo

Portrait of Dolph Lundgren

  • Upon receipt please handle your portrait with care by the very edges, and do not touch or brush anything against the surface of the paper. It should be kept in a cool, dry environment, out of direct sunlight. I would recommend framing at the earliest opportunity, leaving it in the sleeve until then.

    Where work is on standard sized paper (A4/A3), it should be easy to frame with an off-the-shelf frame, readily available from shops with/without pre-cut mount. However, for optimal results and longevity I would advise going to a professional framer.

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