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Giclée Print.


Van Gogh's work has always been inspirational to me. I think his use/enhancement of colour and expressive brushwork in his latter paintings evoke a huge sense of life, movement and emotion... his ability to turn an ordinary subject/object into such a poetic piece of art has always fascinated and inspired me.


The likeness of my drawing is based on the portrait painted by Van Gogh's friend John Russell in 1886, which now hangs in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.


Please allow two weeks for UK delivery.

Vincent van Gogh (Print)

  • Upon receipt please handle your portrait with care by the very edges, and do not touch or brush anything against the surface of the paper. It should be kept in a cool, dry environment, out of direct sunlight. I would recommend framing at the earliest opportunity, leaving it in the sleeve until then.

    Where work is on standard sized paper (A4/A3), it should be easy to frame with an off-the-shelf frame, readily available from shops with/without pre-cut mount. However, for optimal results and longevity I would advise going to a professional framer.

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