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Having been fortunate to have lived in variety of culturally, historically and scenically diverse places, Nik spent many idyllic days drawing and painting her surroundings with her father. Her interests went beyond this too… she developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a great understanding of science, culminating in her achieving a first-class degree in Astrophysics. With a natural desire to impart her knowledge in creative ways she enjoyed a career in education, both as a science teacher and as a Training Management Officer in the Royal Navy. Building relationships with so many different people from all walks of life has given her the valuable skills of listening, communicating, and collaborating carefully, attentively and sympathetically to others.


Now a devoted wife and mother, she rediscovered her love for drawing while engaging in creative practices with her young daughter. She was instantly drawn to portraiture, it seemed like the natural thing to do given her interest in, and ability to establish meaningful rapports with, people and their families. Her inborn determination to improve and succeed in everything she does drove her to learn everything she could about drawing faces. She draws (no pun intended!) on all her passions, knowledge, observations and experiences to create distinctive, characterful and engaging portraits that are as unique as the subjects themselves.


When she’s not drawing or being a taxi driver for her girl’s busy social life, Nik enjoys finding a few minutes peace and quiet by either doing yoga, pottering around the garden or reading about anything and everything.


To read more about Nik and her work, click on the About Me and About My Work tabs.

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