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These T&Cs relate only to the commissions process, for full website T&Cs click here.

1. Process and Payment

1.1 The Client (you) wishes to commission the Artist (me) to create an artistic portrait of the subject of your choice.


1.2 Before starting your portrait, I will discuss with you how you would like your portrait to look (in terms of pose, composition, size, medium etc), and I will require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the purchase price upon agreement of what work is to be carried out. By placing the deposit, you acknowledge that you have reviewed my work and are familiar with my style (examples of my work can been viewed in my galleries and shop) and you agree to all terms and conditions outlined below.


1.3 Upon completion of the portrait, I will send you a digital photograph of the completed work for your approval before final payment. I shall make every effort to execute the commissioned portrait to your satisfaction based on our pre-commission discussion. If you need me to make any small revisions, you need to inform me before approving the digital image.

1.4 Large scale revisions (for example removing subject or completely altering pose) may not be possible and if they are possible, an extra charge may be made for any large-scale alternations that I should have been informed about before commencement of the portrait.

1.5 Whilst I don’t put a limit on the number of revisions offered, I reserve the right to bring the revision process to a close if I feel unable to improve the work by further modification. In this (extremely rare (in fact to date, non-existent)) case, I will offer the customer to either take delivery of the work as it is, or a full refund.

2. Pricing

2.1 My price guide can be viewed here


3. Condition/Refund/Replacement

3.1 Please note it is difficult to accurately photograph work, it generally looks far better in real life, and much better once framed.

3.2 As original work, there may be minor imperfections (for example dents in the paper surface, small pencil smudges), these are part of the charm of an original handmade portrait that has not been produced or printed by a machine.

3.3 If you take delivery of work and it is damaged in transit, then I am happy to offer a full refund or replacement. This is provided you notify me by email within 2 days of receipt, and the work is returned to me (at the buyer’s expense) in the condition in which it was received, and original packaging, within 30 days of the order being sent.

4. Aftercare

4.1 Unless otherwise stated, portraits will be posted flat, in a clear plastic sleeve, and covered in protective packaging. Upon receipt please handle with care, and do not touch or brush anything against the surface of the paper. Work should be stored in a cool dry environment, I would strongly recommend framing at the earliest opportunity, leaving it in the sleeve until then.

4.2 Where work is on standard sized paper (A4/A3), it should be easy to frame with an off-the-shelf frame, readily available from shops with/without pre-cut mount. However, for optimal results and longevity I would advise taking your portrait to a professional framer.

4.3 All work should be kept out of direct sunlight, this is imperative for work drawn in biro/ballpoint pen.

4.4 All pens and pencils that I use are lightfast, i.e. they do not fade over time due to exposure to sunlight, with the exception of biros/ballpoint pens. With proper care though, all work should last a lifetime. However, as I have no control over the destination environment, I cannot accept responsibility for deterioration or damage after delivery.

5. Social Media

5.1 Most of my business is by word of mouth, so I am delighted for work to be photographed and shared by customers. I would be very grateful if you could credit my Facebook and Instagram pages (@nikcourtney.portraitartist) when you do so.


5.2 I generally publish artwork, and sometimes reference photos, on my Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as on advertising flyers etc. If you would like me to delay this (eg it is a present, to be kept secret before a given date), or not do this (for whatever reason), please let me know when you order.

6. International Orders


6.1 Because international postage rates vary so much, I invoice international customers separately for postage.

7. Copyright


7.1 When you provide reference photographs, you hold all responsibility for them. I claim no responsibility for the copyright of the images, and you should provide copyright free photographs, or photographs of which copyright is owned by yourself. If you wish to use a copyrighted photograph, consent by the owner of copyright will need to be obtained by you.

7.2 You will also need to provide true-to-life reference photos. I hold no responsibility for portraits completed from photographs that do not bear a good resemblance to the subject.


7.3 All commissioned portraits and other original artwork done by myself are copyrighted in my name – Nik Courtney. I also retain ownership of all rights to any preliminary drawings or sketches which may be made in connection with the execution of the commissioned portrait. The copyright to reproduce the works in copies/prints, derivative work based on the copyrighted image, and to distribute copies is retained by me. Purchase of a copyrighted portrait does not transfer the copyrights. You may not make any copies of any type of the commissioned work, only I can do this for you. Please get in touch to discuss print options and prices.

7.4 If I publish a reference photograph alongside the commissioned portrait on Facebook/Instagram etc, I shall claim no copyright on the photograph. Please let me know if you wish me to maintain anonymity of the subject.

7.5 These terms and conditions do not affect either your statutory rights, or my standard copyright entitlement.

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