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Pen portrait of two smiling children embracing one another

"When I was given this INSANE portrait Nik created of Dad, it’s safe to say I balled my eyes out... I’m still lost for words, I can’t express how thankful I am to you!

Not all heroes wear capes."

Phoenix final.jpg

"I've just received Nik's portrait of my two children and I have to say I'm bowled over by how fantastic it is. I wanted something different on the wall to just another photo and this is it. It's captured them brilliantly".

Pen portrait of the testimonial writer's father

"I'm now just speechless, it is quite incredible and beyond my wildest dreams. I don't know HOW you do it!! You have an unbelievable talent, I just can't take my eyes off the picture, it's simply beautiful. You were absolutely right about the composition and that's absolutely where I totally trusted your creative judgement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing this precious moment in time for us, it means the world."

"Nik drew an extraordinary portrait for us. We are amazed at the level of detail she achieved and how she could turn a snapshot into a work of art. We were really impressed when we saw the digital copy but to actually see the portrait in real life is just phenomenal".

Black and white pencil portrait of a young Muay Thai fighter holding his hands up byt his chin in a guard position
Scarlett for Beth_1_b.jpg

"I can’t imagine a more beautiful portrait. It really hit me in the guts. I’ve never had such a reaction to a picture is absolutely incredible. Her eyes … oh my word. This captures her perfectly. It shows how very grown up she can be. Kind, sensitive, and considerate of people’s feelings... and she’s a thinker, a deep deep thinker for her age. This is an incredible portrait and brought tears to a few eyes".

"Thank you for the fab print of Cromwell the Moon Bear. I love it and can't wait to get it framed. Looking at his face close up, you've really captured his story in his eyes. There is such depth. I can see past suffering and present happiness and gratitude".

Portrait of an older gentleman.jpg
Pen drawing of a moonbear

"We are super happy with my father's beautiful drawing. We are very grateful".

"Nik, you are absolutely amazing and this portrait gives me so much comfort in my heart. I love it and I see the real smile of my little Maya.

Thank you so much for your time, care and love and I will definitely come back to you for more portraits of my little princess".

Portrait of a young girl with clouds in the background.jpg
Pen portrait of a female singer wearing a purple jacket.jpg

"Omg…Nik!! Thank you so much for creating this beautiful piece of art my cousin had you do. I’m sitting here wiping tears at this beautiful, meaningful gift I will treasure for always!! What a gift you have. Thank you for sharing it with the world!!"

"Nik created the most wonderful portrait of my mum's dog as a Christmas present this year. She was fully booked but kindly squeezed me in, carrying out the work in her free time. The result was simply stunning and my mum was blown away! As was I!!! The dog is very special and is a valuable companion, especially during lockdown. The work was carried out in plenty of time, we had a lot of discussion before to decide on the best photo to work from and she even delivered it to my door with her lovely daughter. A digital photo of the picture was sent so I could make any alterations. Didn’t need to, it was perfect. I can’t recommend her enough...! Thank you again".

Black and white charcoal portrait of a girl holding a purple flower

“I received this beautiful portrait of my daughter as a surprise for Christmas. I was absolutely speechless, at first I thought it was a photo but when I looked closer I could see it was the most amazingly executed drawing. The details are incredible…it’s so much better than a photo, it’s mesmerizing to look at! Thank you Nik for capturing this moment in the most special way”.

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