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I am a self-taught portrait artist providing a commission service for people who would like to have their loved ones captured uniquely in an intimate, thoughtful, and engaging drawing, using photographs as reference.

I am a portrait artist whose unique pen drawings capture the essence, emotions and experiences of my sitters through the most fleeting of moments, in turn evoking the viewer’s own emotions and creating meaningful connections. Translating photographs into intricate, engaging portraits, my work tells the story of the subject in that moment, and in their life leading up to it.

My distinctive, layered mark-making is key to drawing portraits that combine a natural realism and depth with texture and interest, created with roughly applied underlying paint.

Inspired by the work of artists including Van Dyke, Rembrandt and Singer-Sargent, I like to experiment with strong lighting, different surfaces and loose mark-making while always paying attention to detail. Having not drawn anything for twenty years while pursuing a career in various educational settings, I draw on all my knowledge, observations and understanding of people from all walks of life to create memorable portraits that invite the viewer to look closer. The sense of a person caught in a transient moment is so palpable that the viewer instantly connects with the subject and wants to know more about what they are feeling, experiencing, and thinking about in that split second.

My original works and examples of commissions can be viewed in my Portfolio.

For commission enquiries please get in touch.

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